A relaxing day starting with pulling razorfish for bait to catch King George Whiting and visiting a unique part of Australia, St Peter Island Conservation Park in the Nuyts Archipelago.

This island is being returned to its natural wilderness as it was when seafaring Dutchman Francis Thijssen and Peter Nuyts discovered it in 1627. The island now harbours more than 80 species of birds, over 30 species of reptiles and more than 160 species of plants.

Pic:- Pacific Gull protecting nest on beach at St Peter Island - Photo Ross Belcher

This Dutch expedition provided the inspiration 100 years later to Johnathon Swift to write the tale of "Gulliver's Travels" and the mythical isles of Lilliput and the little people.On this tour you will see Australian sealions on "Bird Rock" where we have morning tea and you will see dolphins as we fish secret patches for King George Whiting.

Landing on Beach on St Peter Island
Homestead on St Peter Island
Landing on the beach

We tour the island in an eleven seat, chauffeur licenced 4WD to visit the homestead where we have lunch and view the farm machinery and shearing shed of a past era.

On the return to the beach we take a short walk to the heritage area of the early settlement and whaling activities.

Remains of Whaler's Stone Shelter and Flensing Platforms on St Peter Island
- Photo Ross Belcher
Old Shearing Shed on St Peter Island


  • $140 per person per day
  • Minimum 5 people - however you can negotiate your personalised relaxing day trip!

Just come and enjoy!

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